Employee Onboarding for Credential Checks and Faster Productivity


Design, deploy and optimize workflows for critical employee, partner, agent and producer onboarding processes.

OnBoarding registration
  • Use a secure self-service portal
  • Enjoy end-to-end automation of recruiting and onboarding processes
  • Verify agent and producer data for background checks and accreditation in real time
  • Drive partner loyalty with self-service delivery of payments and documents

Accreditation and Licensing Checks

Get real-time verification of producer and agent data for accreditation requirements, including seamless integration with third-party registries and services such as the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR).

Get real-time verification of producer and agent data fo Accreditation and Licensing Checks

  • Ensure compliance with federal, local, and corporate requirements
  • Automate accreditation processing and tracking
  • Provide comprehensive auditing capabilities

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Application Tracking Portal

Take advantage of our secure online portal for employee, partner, agent and producer recruiting, communications, reporting, and data capture.

secure online portal for onboarding

  • Deliver staffing and onboarding processes more cost effectively
  • Deploy an easy-to-use web-based self-service platform
  • Track progress toward capacity required to meet revenue targets on time


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Background Checks

Verify producer and agent data for background checking requirements in real time to comply with regulatory guidelines.

Verify producer and agent data for background checking

  • Verify producer and agent data for background checking
  • Reduce risk of appointing and contracting independent agents and producers
  • Manage paper trail of key procedures and requirements for compliance

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Configurable Business Process Engine

Our flexible workflow platform can easily be customized to meet a wide range of onboarding process requirements. Flexibly configure the paper trail of key procedures and requirements for compliance.

Onboarding provides Configurable Business Process Engine feature

  • Automate core onboarding processes
  • Provide comprehensive electronic signature tracking
  • Streamline integration with the CallidusCloud suite

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Dashboards and Reports

Use a single repository for accessing all information and contracts throughout onboarding, appointing, and compensation processes, with easy-to-use integrated tracking dashboards.

easy-to-use integrated tracking dashboards

  • Gain visibility into recruiting and onboarding status
  • Track progress of onboarding and contracting against capacity targets
  • View onboarding information from a single source of truth


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Onboarding Best Practices

Pre-configured solutions for onboarding provide out-of-the-box industry best practices for rapid implementation. Automate core onboarding processes based on industry best practices.

Onboarding Best Practices

  • Reduce operational costs of adding employees, partners, producers and agents
  • Automate the most common business processes and integrations
  • Manage application paperwork and communications

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