Sales Gamification Uses Competition to Drive Sales Performance

Sales Gamification – MySalesGame

Drive your sales people to adopt the behaviors, training and tools critical to their success.

With the CallidusCloud sales gamification solution:

  • Increase engagement in a process or training program
  • Increase revenue by encouraging competition and shared goals
  • Stretch your incentive compensation budget
  • Drive adoption of new systems such as CRM


Break down high-level objectives into small manageable tasks, allowing users to chart their progress. As the tasks are completed users are rewarded with points and badges.

Assign short missions to give the members of your sales team manageable tasks and encourage successful selling behaviors.

  • Break high-level objectives down into small tasks called missions
  • Reward completed missions with points and badges and provide users with instant recognition
  • Make missions manageable to motivate your sales reps with easy wins
  • Modify missions to correlate with corporate and team objectives

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Points and Badges

Badges and points are awarded for completed missions, training and other accomplishments. Sales reps can display badges on their profiles for recognition, and they can redeem points with your preferred rewards vendor for actual goods of equivalent value.

Give your sales people badges to publicly display for recognition of a job well done, drive continued productivity, and encourage competition and shared team goals.

  • Redeem points with your preferred rewards vendor
  • Deliver better engagement and better sales
  • Use pre-packaged badges and icons
  • Amass points to reach different levels and earn better rewards


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Leaderboard and Activity Stream

Socialize results and draw on inherent competitiveness by displaying the top performers on a leaderboard with an updated activity stream.

Display the performance of your entire sales team for transparency and to drive competition while encouraging shared team goals.

  • Place your organizational goals within the context of a sales game that employees, partners and customers can “play”
  • Motivate behaviors instead of obligating behaviors
  • Provide instant gratification for accomplishments
  • Encourage competition and progress toward shared goals simultaneously

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