Sales Configure Price Quote Software for Bigger Deals

Configure Price Quote

Maximize deals, accelerate the sales cycle and protect margin on the go. Our customers generate more than 46,000 quotes worth more than $3 billion a month using Configure Price Quote.

With CallidusCloud CPQ (Configure Price Quote) you can:

  • Limit errors in product selection and pricing
  • Quickly create winning proposals
  • Shorten the sales cycle through electronic workflows and approval processes
  • Increase quote and order size with instant up-selling and cross-selling sales guidance

Guided Selling

Guide users to the right products and options with side-by-side comparisons and detailed product specifications while pulling in cross-sell and up-sell suggestions.

Incorporate customer information with a powerful suggestion engine to add the optimal list of applicable products tailored to your client.

  • Ask simple questions to guide users to the right products
  • Specify client needs to suggest the best options and alternatives
  • Highlight up-sell, cross-sell, and other opportunities to increase deal sizes
  • As products are selected, use Ask an Expert for real-time information on products

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Product Catalog

Enable searching and comparing similar products using specs and pricing information in one place. Eliminate expenses associated with publishing and distributing price lists.

CPQ Product Catalog

  • Find the right products and services
  • Keep pricing and product data current
  • Sell in multiple currencies and languages
  • Make online and mobile information available

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Product Configurator

Avoid delays and errors by preventing your users from selecting incorrect products or prices. Make your sales people, partners and customers aware of options and special promotions.

Shorten the inquiry-to-order process, and reduce errors in sales quotes and orders.

  • Simplify different sales types including new sales, renewals, and upgrades
  • Use automated side-by-side comparisons and product specifications
  • Highlight up-sell, cross-sell, and other opportunities to maximize deal sizes


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Document Production

Automate the creation of high-quality documents based on your templates, content files, and pricing rules.

Close your deal by creating a professional document with social sharing options and CRM integration without leaving the CPQ system.

  • Produce quotes, proposals, contracts, license agreements, and RFPs
  • Pull in customer and product specific terms
  • Include product data and diagrams, case studies, and other content
  • Share your document with social sharing options and CRM integration

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Automated Approvals

Automate and streamline your approval process while protecting margin. Quotes trigger an approval process if they exceed discount thresholds or include non-standard terms.


  • Establish multiple approval triggers
  • Reduce excessive discounts and protect margin
  • Automatically approve compliant quotes
  • Enable flexible discounting with margin indicators
  • Minimize delays in non-standard discounts and negotiations

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Turn insight into the right mix of products, services and pricing per customer requirements.

Use intuitive reporting tools and a drag-and-drop report builder to create real-time dashboards.

  • Uncover performance data insights with easy-to-use reporting tools for better business decisions
  • Get real-time status at a glance using dashboards that display your key performance indicators
  • Quickly build your own reports with our intuitive drag-and-drop ad-hoc reporting tool
  • Take advantage of prepackaged security, workflow, compensation reports, and sales performance analytics by role

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Sales reps are mobile and need access to all their integrated tools while on the go.

CPQ Sales Mobility

Having CPQ on mobile devices enables sales reps to prepare quotes at customer meetings and potentially shave days off the sales cycle.

  • Build and update quotes from mobile devices
  • Full functionality from the mobile web browser
  • Apple iOS Native app
  • Salesforce1 app

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Close deals faster with eSignature

When customers are ready to buy, it is vital sales executes quickly. CPQ enables sales to quickly quote solutions.

CallidusCloud CPQ with Docusign

Why slow the close of the sale down with manual contract execution processes? eSignature is an easy and secure method to have your customer execute contracts. When you consider that more than half of all DocuSigned documents are completed within 2 hours, why wouldn’t you entrust your eSignature needs to DocuSign? CallidusCloud is honored to help our customers accelerate the speed of business using DocuSign to conduct accurate, secure transactions.

Free Trial Integration

Use all data accessible through’s API to populate your CPQ quote and proposal fields through seamless integration. Save the results into various fields with the’s CRM application.

Seamless integration with for creating and managing opportunities.

  • Integrate with without multiple URLs or software to download
  • Seamlessly transfer customer information from into CPQ
  • Add new products to the pricebook if they don’t already exist in
  • Create quotes and proposals in CPQ and save them in Opportunities

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Oracle CRM On Demand Integration

Go from an Opportunity, to a quote and then an order, all to help increase revenues and margins, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and improve productivity.

Compliment and extend Oracle CRM On Demand without additional effort.

  • Provide multiple quotes per opportunity
  • Handle complex configurations and reduce order and pricing errors
  • Handle any sales channel configuration
  • Manage and track approvals, revisions, and the full asset lifecycle

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