Marketing and Campaign Effectiveness


Monitoring campaign metrics, content metrics and lead metrics provides critical insight to fuel more effective and impactful marketing activities throughout the lead funnel.  A combination of superior lead intelligence, targeted nurture programs and social monitoring will drive revenue performance at each stage of the funnel.

CallidusCloud provides the following products and solutions for Marketing:

  • Enablement: Content analytics, focus on producing the right materials, save time and money on stuff that doesn’t get used. Centralized publishing environment with content management to ensure content remains current. Learn more about increasing sales engagement with Enablement
  • LeadFormix: Gain superior lead intelligence, and understand who your anonymous web visitors are. Plan, execute and manage marketing campaigns to nurture leads to fully qualified, closable opportunities. Obtain greater visibility into performance of campaigns and other marketing activities to understand the best ROI. Learn more about lead intelligence and marketing automation with LeadFormix
  • Configure Price Quote: Protect your brand, make it easy for proposal and document generation, ensure messaging is accurate and presentation is professional. Learn more about quote software