CallidusCloud Solutions for Sales Operations Managers

Sales Operations

Sales operations managers are focused on improving the efficiency of the sales team. Reduce the cost of core sales operations business processes such as managing incentive compensation plans and enabling sales teams with CallidusCloud solutions.

  • Commissions: Reduce the cost of commission processing and improve accuracy with automation. Plan modeling and forecasting will facilitate tighter control over the commissions budget. Learn more about sales compensation management with Commissions
  • MySalesGame: Stretch a traditional cash-only incentive scheme by converting a portion to points and social currency redeemable against tangible rewards. Learn more about sales gamification
  • Enablement:  Enable sales with a central repository for a single source of truth, giving sales reps access to the right information at the right time to close more deals.  Learn more about Enablement
  • Litmos: Provide easy to access, mobile and e-learning to up-skill new hires so they hit the ground running. Improve skills and knowledge across the sales team. Learn more about mobile learning management with Litmos
  • Configure Price Quote:  Protect margins, automate approvals, and maximize deal sizes by automating your quotes and proposals.  Learn more about CPQ
  • Territory and Quota:  Use historical performance analytics and opportunity based metrics to aid in territory segmentation and realistic quota setting.  Learn more about Territory and Quota Management
  • Thunderbridge:  Combine big data technology with innovative analytics and visualizations to enable real-time exploration of granular sales data.  Learn more about Thunderbridge