Data Hub

Data Hub

For leading companies, managing sales performance and operations means relying on a number of systems.  Often these systems are not integrated in a way that makes synchronization of data easy, resulting in manually updating information.  However, there is tremendously valuable data in your cloud, and tapping into it can transform your organization.  Having a platform that automates the transfer of data throughout systems ensures your CallidusCloud applications have the most up-to-date and accurate sales data.

Data Hub Challenges

Organizations rely on a variety of systems and applications for sales operations, ranging from SFA, to HR to ERP systems.  These systems all have valuable sales data, however there isn’t a simple way to get that data into your commissions system.  These systems are frequently a mix of on premises and on demand, and transferring data between them can be complicated and require IT resources.  There is often no simple way to pull data from one system to another and manual data entry, which is prone to errors, is the only way to enter opportunity information, configured quotes, closed sales orders and other key information.

Data Hub Solutions

CallidusCloud Data Hub enables customers to move data in real-time between popular third party applications, both on premise and on demand, into any CallidusCloud application using an incredibly flexible, scalable, and powerful integration platform.  By synchronizing data between systems you’ll be able to do things like load opportunities, pull HR data across systems, or update product catalogs in real-time.

CallidusCloud Data Hub has preconfigured solutions and templates to a majority of the most heavily utilized applications deployed today, including:

  • WorkDay
  • NetSuite
  • Oracle CRM

Data Hub is able to self-discover the objects that are available within each system and dynamically configure the data mappings from the source system into CallidusCloud objects, as well as process information in real-time or on a pre-defined schedule.  There is no need to code anything.  It’s drag-and-drop, click and configure.

Learn more about how you can simplify your data management with CallidusCloud Data Hub.